Monday, December 30, 2013

Praying For Others, No Trivial Matter!

 ". . . pray for one another, that you may be healed.The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man (woman) avails much"  James 5:16

Anyone who has read my posts (however sporadic) in the last few months knows I have been very ill. There were times I thought my days on earth were coming to a close. Although I did not fear death, still I desired, if God would see fit, to live a little longer. He has answered that prayer. I should say He has answered those prayers.

People all over America and other countries have  fervently lifted me up to God, asking for my healing.
Although the doctors still do not know what caused my illness nor been able to provide a means to eradicate it, God, in His infinite mercy has seen fit to hear the prayers of His children on my behalf. It is to that I attribute my being restored.

Do people ask you to pray for them? Do you remember to do so? My life hinged on the faithfulness of people who prayed. I firmly believe God saw the urgency of His children crying out on my behalf and did what He promised He would do, answer His children's prayers.

I don't believe those who prayed coerced God into doing something He did not want to do. I DO believe God saw the fervency with which His children petitioned on my behalf and answered, knowing it would bring glory to Himself.

I have learned several things from this.
1. I have much more compassion for those who are seriously ill. Having never been that ill before, I did not really understand what they were going through. Now I do.

2. It has made me more diligent in praying fervently for someone who is ill. I now know how important it is to stand with and for them before God's throne.

3. I treasure my health much more. I praise God and sometimes raise my hands in praise for His healing power in my life. I will never again look at health in a neglectful or callous way. It is a precious thing, something to be thankful for daily.

4. I don't have words to say how thankful I am for the righteous people who interceded on my behalf. I pray I will be such a person when needed.

Will the physicians ever find out what caused my illness? I don't know. I DO know the GREAT Physician has come to my aid. I'll take that any day!!!  

Thankful  for a God who hears and answers prayer and praising God for faithful prayer warriors, Gloria

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