Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Losing Your Shirt Or Losing Your Skirt

   I've heard of the statement "losing your shirt" but I've never heard of "losing your skirt." That's what almost happened to me on Sunday.

  I usually plan on Saturday what I am going to wear on Sunday , , , makes life less hectic Sunday morning. Since we were camping until the end of the week, that kind of fell by the wayside.
   I know you will not believe this (I can't believe I'm even writing it) but I couldn't find anything to wear. I tried on a couple of things but they didn't look good. Finally I found a skirt. It looked good but the elastic was loose around the waist (I would have preferred that I had lost so much weight was the reason it was loose, but no.)
   I was desperate. I grabbed one of my faithful safety pins and pinned the front of the skirt to my slip. Surely that would keep it up for a few hours. It did keep up the front. The back? Another story!
    As I was standing on the podium doing my usual thing (with the choir sitting behind me) I felt the skirt begin to slip down in the back. How do you pull up your falling skirt without the choir noticing? I tried. Who knows what they thought. I was just happy the skirt didn't wind up down at my ankles!!!
   That skirt? It's in my closet ready to be repaired. I just hope I don't forget and try to wear it again before I fix it. My memory IS short. A few weeks from now, I may not even recall the fear I felt of losing my skirt!
    Life is full of stressful situations, isn't it? Most of you will probably not have to worry about losing your skirt in church but you WILL face situations that are difficult.
   Maybe you're in the middle of such a situation now. What do you do? You ask the the Lord to give you strength to go through the difficulty in a way that will show others how Christians face trials. Feel free to ask Him to alleviate your trouble IF He can get glory by doing so. Then start praising Him. When you do these things, you may find the difficulty, although not going away, will still seem less overwhelming .

Going through some difficulties worse than a loose skirt but still trusting and praising God, Gloria   

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Tina Cho said...

Hilarious! Good point to go through tough situations so that others can see how Christians handle trials.