Monday, October 28, 2013

Notes, Winging It and God's Provision

Jesus told his disciples that when they stood before people not to worry about what they should say but that he would give them the words they needed. That scripture was fulfilled in my life yesterday!

We had high attendance in our Bible study time at church. My class had five new people attending. I was excited. That is, until I got up to teach and realized I had only two of the five pages of my notes. Talk about panic!!! Not good timing when we had guests in the class. I imagined they would never return again!

I know a considerable amount of scriptures but the numbers get me. I can quote you a scripture, or at least paraphrase it but ask me to tell you where it is located and I start sweating. Numbers and I are not the best of friends. There is a reason my husband doesn't let me near the checkbook!!!

I apologized profusely to our guests and prayed silently that God would help me recall the lesson I had planned. The class was gracious and supplied the scriptures when I told them what I wanted to find. It was kind of like a treasure hunt!

No one left. The visitors seemed to enjoy the lesson and God brought to mind what I had studied, minus scripture references, of course!

God is so good. He came through for me. I so appreciated that. The devil would have liked for the time to be disasterous and make it where the guests wouldn't want to return. But, God got the upper hand. I love it when that happens!!!

Thanking God for directing me yesterday (but planning on being sure I have ALL my notes next time) Gloria


Tina Cho said...

That's a great testimony! I hope your visitors return next week!

Gloria McQueen Stockstill said...

Tina, so do I! We'll see.