Monday, October 14, 2013

A Mystery That Can't Be Figured Out

I love a good suspenseful book or movie where it is hard to figure out who the culprit is. Usually, within a few minutes of watching that kind of movie, I know who is the guilty party. When I am wrong, I'm thrilled. It makes the movie much more interesting when you don't know "who dunnit. "

Well, I'm having my own personal  "who dunnit" or should I say "what is it?" I've been sick a few months now. I've been to two doctors and they have tried all kinds of remedies but have not remedied the situation. Today, I begin the search for yet another doctor that, I hope, will solve the mystery.

I am teaching the book of James from the Bible. Guess what the lesson was about yesterday. Healing! In preparation for teaching, I scoured the Bible for verses on healing. There are LOTS of them in there.

As I was looking through the scriptures, I came upon Psalm 31:14-15a. It reads like this.

But as for me, I trust in Thee, O Lord. I say, "Thou art my God." My times are in your hands.

How comforting to know that my life is in God's hands. What a place to be!

Trusting in the God who has my times in His hands, Gloria

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Tina Cho said...

I'm praying for your health! Get well. And how appropriate that your Bible lesson was on healing!