Monday, September 2, 2013

Labor Day is not REALLY for Laboring!!!

\Well, I'm finally getting to my blog. It has truly been a labor day. Our sink stopped up and the inept plumber who put in the garbage disposal didn't do it right and the pipes pulled loose. Now my husband and son are searching town to find a snake to clean out the lines and my kitchen floor is lined with towels soaking up water. I DID NOT plan on this being a real labor day. Oh, well  "The best laid plans" as they say. We may have to go eat at Taco Bell instead of the great meal I had planned!

I am learning to accept God's plans for my day instead of my own. In the past, this incident may have ruined my entire time spent with my son and his family. Not now. God has given me the grace to accept this as something from his hand. We'll just go to plan B or C, if necessary. Any way, when you moan and groan about the predicament, it only make it seem more difficult. So, I'll just keep praising the Lord and believing everything will work out for the best. Happy Labor Day to you, too!

Praising as I mop the floor, Gloria


Tina Cho said...

This is a good message for me to hear. I mailed a box of homeschool books in July when I was in Iowa to our home in Korea. The box was never received. So I've had to adjust my teaching without some of our books! And I'm frustrated as I'm on hold w/the post office speaking to 5 different agents! I know God knows where the box is, and we've been fervently praying for it.

Gloria McQueen Stockstill said...

Tina, sorry this is so late a response. Having trouble with computer!! (Have you heard that story before?!!!) Have you received the package. Praying God directs it to your door!