Monday, August 12, 2013

There Are Times It Is Good NOT To Be Content

My relationship with Miss Clairol is being stretched! I ask her for one thing: she gives me another. Like yesterday.

You know I've mentioned in a blog that my hair color is making people run to get me a wheel chair or insist on taking my groceries to the car. I never knew white hair brought on those reactions (the bottle DID NOT say "White Hair" on the label. I distinctly remember it saying "Light Blond".) Well, I'm trying again. And, the results are not to my liking!

Why can’t we be satisfied with the way we look? If we have brown hair, we want it to blond. We want to be taller or shorter, heavier or skinnier. I fall into the last of those!

It’s good to be content with how God made you. But, there is one area He doesn’t want us to be content. It’s in our spiritual growth.

Do you actively seek to become more godly? Do you search the scriptures to see how God wants you to live? Have you told God you want to be more of what He wants you to be? Today might be a good day to do that!

Telling God I’m going to actively pursue godliness, Gloria 

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