Sunday, August 4, 2013

Human Reasoning Versus Godly Reasoning

Well, I'm at it again!

Yesterday I was doing some yard work when I noticed one of my plants appeared dead. I found the water tube was out of the pot so the plant hadn't gotten water. I turned the water hose on low and stuck it in the pot, hoping I could revive the pathetic looking plant.

In the wee hours of the morning I woke and was unable to get back to sleep. My mind wandered over numerous paths until it came to the plant. The Plant!! Did I turn off the water or was the water still running?

I debated whether I should go check if I had turned the water off but really didn't desire getting out of bed. Still, my good sense prevailed. Good thing, too! Not only was the plant generously water, so was about a third of the rocks and bark in my yard. I bogged down in the loose gravel. I don't even want to think about what our water bill will be!

I debated whether I would even mention it to my husband. I realized I needed to "fess up" (that's southern for confess). I told him AFTER I had fed him a good breakfast. He didn't say a negative word. Do you think he's finally adjusted to having a ding-a-ling for a wife?

There is such a temptation in this age not to be honest. It wouldn't really hurt if I didn't tell my husband, right? And, since I pay the bills, he would never know what the water bill was. Good reasoning don't you think?

Good human reasoning. Godly reasoning told me to make my husband aware of what I had done and not try and hide it from him. Telling him turned out good because he didn't react. But, what if it hadn't turned out like that? What if he had yelled and screamed at me and reminded me the water bill was going to be horrendous? Still the same. My doing the right thing has nothing to do with how another person reacts to it. Doing right is the right thing to do! Doing right is pleasing to God. That's the thing that really matters!

Hoping I make decisions based on godly reasoning rather than human reasoning, Gloria



Tina Cho said...

Great devotion! Maybe your next devo book should be on marriage!

Gloria McQueen Stockstill said...

Tina, my husband and I have written a seminar titled, Marriage On the Rock, or How To Keep Your Marriage Off the Rocks.
My daughter and grandson are working on getting this type of thing on Amazon. It will take a while . . . learning curve for all of us!