Thursday, July 4, 2013

White Hair, Brown Hair, That's Not What Really Matters

Whoa! I finally did it!! I found a way to this site. I couldn't post on Monday because I had not figured it out yet. I have to go through my email. Don't ask me why. I'm just thankful I finally figured out a way to get here. Now, if I can do it again, I'm set!

I think I've made a decision. What is it, you ask. I think I'm going to change the color of my hair. Here's why.

The day of our camping trip I was at WalMart getting a fishing license. I saw someone who had not seen me for a while and had not seen  my "transformation" from a brunette to a blond. Well, I thought it was a blond. Now I am not so sure!

The first words out of her mouth were, "Oh, you've let your hair go white." WHITE? Does my hair look white, as in grey?  . . .  as in old?

Okay, I let that go but, when I went to a fast food place with a friend, the clerk, who knows us well because I take Wayne to breakfast there often, asked. "Is that your daughter?"

I'm not sure she saw the shock on my face. My friend, gracious person that she is, said, "She's my good friend." That was NOT enough to salve my bruised ego. Granted, I am a few years older than my friend but, did I really look old enough to be her mother? I could hardly eat  my lunch!!! I told my friend, "That's it! I'm going to get another color for my hair."

So, you can see why I said I had to make a decision. Still, I hate to have to worry about touching up roots (roots of my hair, you understand). Maybe I should just go ahead and look old. Who really cares but me? 
I don't think anyone will like or dislike me any more or less for having blond (white) hair than brown hair. I guess I'm making too big a deal of this.

While it's really no big deal what color my hair is, it IS a really big deal about what I do with my life (hair color excluded). 

Sometimes we Christians are nonchalant about how we live our lives. If one day we wake up and it seems too hard to follow how God's Word dictates for us to live, we kind of side track it. After all, nobody is  perfect, right? 

True, no one is perfect but the Bible tells us we are to be constantly striving toward perfection. No days to slack off, no days to say, "Well, nobody is perfect. Why would God expect me to be?" No days to say, "Well, I'm as good as ___(you fill in the blank).

It may not be a big deal what color your hair is but I surely hope it's a big deal that you should daily strive toward perfection. That IS a big deal!

Hoping I'm more concerned about trying to be perfect (even when I fail to be) than I am concerned about my hair color, Gloria  


Tina Cho said...

How funny, Gloria! I just dyed my roots the other day! I already have some white! BTW, kids & I are coming to Iowa today. Long flight--Seoul to Tokyo then connect in Denver then to Des Moines.

Gloria McQueen Stockstill said...

Tina, you are too young to hair any white hair! Of course, I have heard it is hereditary. I can remember my grandmother, who was probably in her fifties, had a full head of white hair. Oh, well!