Monday, July 22, 2013

It Really Helps To Look Closely at the Label

Last week I mentioned the pharmacist suggested I take Dramamine for my heat rash. Well, when I told my husband the Dramamine wasn't working, he said, "Dramamine? You're not taking Dramamine. You're taking Benadryl."

Well, I think I know what I'm taking, I thought. But, since I have been known to be wrong (on a regular basis, I might add), I went and looked at the box. Sure enough, right there on the front of the bottle it said, Benadryl in bold letters. Wrong again!

I guess I didn't handle that really well. The first response was that I couldn't be wrong. I actually resented the fact that my hubby was implying I was wrong!

How do you react when a sermon, a kind friend, or even someone who tells you in an unkind way about a something you have done wrong or a fault you have? Do you feel resentment welling up inside? Do you snap back and recall the things THEY do wrong? Or, do you get alone with God and ask Him if the accusation is true?

A true sign of Christian maturity is being able to face ourselves and see the ugly as well as the good. God may reveal things by the Holy Spirit that need changing but he may also use a person. Are you willing to accept whatever instrument He uses to conform you to the image of His Son, Jesus?

Hoping I'm willing to see the wrong I have done and eliminate it, Gloria

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