Monday, June 3, 2013

The Chisohlm Trail, The Oregon Trail, The Wild Animal Trail and, The Jesus Trail

I've heard of different trails before, like the Chisholm Trail or the Oregon Trail but I didn't know my back yard was going to be a trail. Mine will be the Trail of Wild Animals!

A while back, I walked out into my back yard to find a coyote sauntering across the yard. Like any brave person, I screamed and ran inside to tell my husband. Hey, I'm a city girl. I don't know how to deal with wild animals. My husband, however, is a country boy. I was sure he could size up the situation and figure out what to do. OK, maybe that wasn't the reason I ran inside!

The latest arrival on our Wild Animal Trail was a skunk. I was looking out my kitchen window when  I spotted a skunk taking the same path the coyote had taken. I looked again just to be sure it wasn't a black cat that had gotten into a white paint bucket. Nope. It was really a skunk! Just like the coyote, he sauntered along the trail like he knew exactly where he was going.

This time I ran outside to see where the skunk was going. My husband warned me not to get too close or the consequences would not be pleasant. He told me a friend of his swore he had been sprayed by a skunk and the smell had been so bad he even had to shed his boots. He said he had gone back to the spot several years later and the smell was still on those boots! It did seem a bit far-fetched but, since I did not want to smell like a skunk for the rest of my life, I was cautious.

Just like the coyote, I could not find the skunks exit path. Perhaps there is some hidden passage that they go through.

I don't know why the critters have chosen our yard for their path. I do hope the mountain lions find a different path to follow!

Coyotes and skunks follow paths So do people.

Some people follow paths that lead them into destructive lifestyles that make their life a living hell. Some people follow paths that lead them to success and fame.
Some people follow paths that lead them to service to mankind.

The Bible tells us about a path. Jesus, God's Son, said in John 14:6 (the Bible) , "I am the way and the truth and the life. No man comes to the Father (God) except by me."

Have you found that path? If you have, are you walking straight ahead on it or are you meandering off the path?

True peace and joy can only be found when you are on the path of Jesus. Surrendering to His will in your life and being faithful to His commands sets you on this path.

I don't know what path the coyote or the skunk continued on but I do know I intend to follow the path of Jesus into eternity!

Keeping on the path, Gloria   


Tina Cho said...

Sounds like the beginning of a good pb or mystery story! Great analogy!

Gloria McQueen Stockstill said...

Tina, isn't it funny how we writers can always find a writing idea in much of what we read. I guess that's what makes us writers! :D