Monday, June 17, 2013

Pigs: An Illustration

Pigs. Do you like them? I like the bacon and ham they provide but I can't say I really care for them when they are lounging around in the muck and mire they call home.

Pigs don't do much. They snort and grunt and wait for the next load of slop (slop, for those who do not know, is all the junk humans thow away after they have eaten the good stuff). Granted, pig now days may get fed better fare but they are still pigs and do what pigs do (think mire and muck).

What would you say if someone called you a pig? Not because you ate too much but because you wallowed around in the filth. It would probably offend you, right? But, what if there telling you would convict you and make you realize your life was filled with things God would call mire and muck? Would you appreciate it then? How you answer may be an indication of where you are spiritually.

Be willing to listen to those who try to lead you out of filth. It is for your good that they do it.

Be willing to listen to God's Spirit when He speaks to you about some thing in your life that should not be there.

Be willing to get up out of the mire and muck that is sin in your life. You will be so blessed if you do.

Trying to avoid any mire and muck in my life, Gloria  

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