Monday, June 10, 2013

Gardens: Physical and Spiritual

I've become a farmer. My acreage isn't too big but any more and I would need a tractor. Since our association might frown on a tractor parked in the driveway, I guess I'll have to curb my enthusiasm and stick to a smaller garden. Besides, if it was any bigger, I would have to get up at three instead of five to start working on it.

Weeds. I hate weeds. But, I seem to be able to grow them better than anything else! I pull up crab grass and the next morning I see it peeking up out of the ground as if taunting me. I'm not yet sure who will be the victor in this war but I'm giving it my best shot!

While it is hard work, there is nothing like going out in the morning and picking organic beans, beets, tomatoes and peppers.  At that point, all the hard work seems worth it. I feel like a pioneer woman when I clean everything and prepare it for the meal of the day (I said meal, singular, because hubby is fortunate if he gets me to cook ONE meal!

Farming in a spiritual garden is hard, too. You have to be sure you eradicate the weeds (sins) that hinder growth of the "good stuff" like honesty, integrity, love, compassion, and Christ-likeness. Doing that is kind of like getting rid of crabgrass, not always easy. But, it surely is worth it when you see the fruit of your (and the Holy Spirit's) labor evidenced in your life.

How does your spiritual garden grow?

Hoping I am diligent to tend my spiritual garden, Gloria   

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