Sunday, May 12, 2013


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A friend shared that her grandson said, "I can't eat catfish. I'm allergic to cats." Isn't that hilarious!!!

Of course, to a child, that was very logical. To a more mature person, it was not logical at all.

It made me think. Sometimes, we who should be mature enough to know when something is logical, reason like children. When we do, we come up with concepts that are not true.

God has created us to think with his logic.  It's the kind of logic that is never wrong. However, it seems there are lots of people in the world who are thinking illogically. Here are a few of the ways their thinking is


Man's logic says hate those who hate you.    God's logic says love your enemies.

Man's logic says look out for self .    God's logic says look out for others as much as yourself.

Man's logic says not to forgive those who have hurt you.    God's logic says forgive like he has forgiven you.

Man's logic says keep all you possess for yourself.    God's logic says it's more blessed to give than receive.

Man's logic says live just for today.   God's logic says live with eternity in mind.

Where do you fit in this mix? Are you following the logic of the world or God's logic? You will find that man's logic will one day fail you but God's will bring you a life of abundance, here and in eternity.

Hoping I will always think with God's logic, Gloria

P.S. posting this on Sunday afternoon because I have tried to schedule it and can't get it to work. Grrrr!

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