Monday, May 27, 2013

Are You Ready?

My brother is in surgery right now. They plan on doing eight different procedures, if possible. Please pray for him.

Life is fragile, isn't it. One day, you're driving down a road on your motorcycle when a few harrowing minutes changes everything. A horrible collision and now you're struggling to hang on to life. Never would you have planned such a thing. But, you must be ready for such an event.

My brother is ready. He is ready to return to his loving family that sits and prays for him while he is in surgery. He is also ready should God deem it is time for him to enter another world, an eternal one.

Herb loves the Lord. He is what you would call a real Christian. He is ready whatever God decides. For us who love him, it is our hope God will allow him more time here on earth. If not, heaven is going to be a lot sweeter when he arrives.

Minutes, even seconds, can alter anyone's life, yours, mine, someone we love. Are you ready?

Thankful I am ready should God decide my time here should end, Gloria   


Tina Cho said...

Praying for your brother!
Your blog subscription worked. This devo popped into my email :)

Gloria McQueen Stockstill said...

Thanks, Tina for praying for my brother. He came out of a second surgery fine.