Monday, April 29, 2013

Were Dollys REALLY Made To Use Like This?

I have found a new way to use a dolly.  No, not the kind of dollies you played with when you were a kid. These dolly's are for hauling things.

I've been using our dolly a lot lately. I've hauled bags and bags of top soil and potting soil (did you know there was a difference in the two? I do now!) for my flowers and vegetable garden. The dolly has made my life easier since the bags are quite heavy.

I can recommend a dolly for jobs such as hauling heavy objects. HOWEVER, I cannot recommend it for what I used it for this week. What did I use it for you ask? I used to try and knock myself out! Well, I didn't plan on using it that way. It just happened.

I was busy working in the yard and the dolly was sitting on the narrow walkway on the side of my house. I had my hands full so I decided to just step on the dolly. DON"T EVER DO THAT! The reason being, when you step on the bottom of the dolly, the tall handle comes forward and slaps you in the head. Just ask me. I can verify that. AND IT HURTS! A little harder and I think it would have knocked me out.

I could just see it. Wayne, who is Peru right now, arrives home in a week. He rushes home, throws open the door and runs through the house looking for his lovely wife so he can plant a kiss on her. Okay, maybe that wouldn't exactly be the scenario. But, he, hopefully, would come looking for me. Imagine his shock to find me sprawled on the ground next to the dolly. Hey, maybe I can write a story out of this!

I can tell you one thing, I will NEVER put my foot on a dolly again. Well, knowing me, I can't say never. But, hopefully, I have learned my lesson. 

I wonder if God sometimes has to take drastic measures to help us learn a lesson. I'm sure it would make him happier and us, as well, if we would yield ourselves to his leadership on the first go of it. But, some of us don't seem to learn our lessons on the first try.

God has to keep on trying to lead us in the right direction,  even when we resist. He may have to take serious measures to show us the right way. Just remember, if he does that, it is not because he is angry with us. It is because he loves us, knows what is best for us and what will make us happy.

Are you resisting God, not wanting to do something he has told you or doing something he has told you not to do? LEARN YOUR LESSON quickly. Yield to God when he first shows you the direction he wants you to go. Life will be so much better if you do.

Hoping God doesn't have to get out the dolly so I will learn my lesson, Gloria 


Gloria McQueen Stockstill said...

Tina, I think I found out how to do the email!!! Of course, I did something else, too. I hope I haven't messed this up beyond repair. I am really dangerous around computers!!!

Tina Cho said...

That's great, Gloria. Let me know when the button/subscribe is available. My email is

Glad you're ok from the dolly.