Monday, April 1, 2013

They Are Freckles, NOT Age Spots!!!

As I've gotten older I've gotten those brown spots on my face. I call them freckles. Some may call them age spots. Not me!

True, the spots are the largest freckles I've ever seen and they aren't always round like normal freckles. But, to  me, they're freckles and I'm sticking to my story! Nothing anyone says can change my mind. Freckles it is!!!

Do you think my refusal to acknowledge age spots is kind of ridiculous? "How can she be so foolish as to not believe something that is so evident," you may say.

Well, I think there is something that is even more evident than the fact I have age spots. What is it?

It is evident that God loves us and sent his Son, Jesus to die for our sins. Still, millions upon millions adamantly refuse to believe it.

It is evident that a believer in Christ lives by a different standard than the world, yet many adamantly live their lives as if they did not have a relationship with a living God who will judge the living and the dead.

It is evident that God forgives the non-believer when they ask Jesus to come into their life and forgive them of their sins and it is also evident that the Christian who confesses to God that they are not living being controlled by him is forgiven also.

I can refuse to acknowledge age spots but I had best not refuse to acknowledge God, Gloria

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