Monday, April 22, 2013

Influence Small or Great

I'm sitting here staring at my computer screen. I've prayed and asked the Holy Spirit to give me something to say (I REALLY do ask God's guidance on writing this blog.). Unlike Kobe Bryant's tweets (in case you do not know, Kobe Bryant is a Lakers basketball player who is known to millions), I know there will not be millions who will read what I say. I do hope someone will read it! :D

I sometimes wonder about discontinuing this blog since it has so little influence. Still, the other day I noted that someone from Russia and a few from other countries had come to the site. Granted, I would imagine most came because they had done a search and one of the words I had in my title led them to my site. But, what if, what if, one or two or even more of those people who dropped in by accident would stay long enough to read about the life in Christ and how he could change their lives? What if the Holy Spirit took that and built upon what they read? What if someone, perhaps years down the road, would ask Jesus into their heart? All because someone "put it out there" for anyone who,  on purpose or accidentally, might come by?

So, I guess I'll keep writing, asking God to use it in whatever way he chooses.

What about you? Are you looking for ways to glorify God in your life? Like me, you don't have to influence millions. You just have to be faithful in the circle God has placed you. Start today! Who knows what God will do with our lives!

Trying to know and do God's will in my small world, Gloria 


Tina Cho said...

Why don't you add a button to your blog where people can follow you by email or subscribe to your posts? That would help me to remember! I love reading your devos, but I forget if I don't have the reminder.

Gloria McQueen Stockstill said...

Tina, I would love to do that . . . if I knew how. I will look into it. That's a great idea. I do that with your blog. It comes directly to my email. I'm sure the info is somewhere on the blog site.

Thanks for the suggestion!