Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Deterioration and Other Signs of Aging

Dear, dear, patient friends of this blog. How much you put up with when you deal with such as me!

After going to bed at 11:15 p.m., which may be some kind of record for this "early to bed" girl, I awoke at three twenty this morning (I think that is also a sign of aging) and decided to check my emails. While reading them, someone noted something about a blog. A BLOG! I have one of those. And, I did not post on it this Monday!!! I've got to figure out a way to remember this!

I HAVE been quite busy. Two of Wayne's sisters and a brother-in-law have been here a week. We have driven over a thousand miles sightseeing. My sister-in-laws LOVE to shop so Coronado, Julian, and San Diego have been shopping stops. The guys had a lot of sitting on benches time. It has been great spending time with them and is such a blessing to have in-laws that you get along with so well.

I usually start planning my blog on Sunday. But, this Sunday I was having brunch at the Lawrence Welk resort and seeing the play, South Pacific. Okay, I know some of you have no idea who Lawrence Welk is. He was on television a hundred years ago. I never watched him much but I have enjoyed going to the theatre his family runs. Of course, when I looked around I saw lots of OLD people. In fact they came in by the busloads! I know I am old when I go to places that bring busloads of old people for tours!!

I wouldn't mind getting older if I could look in the mirror every morning and not find another wrinkle. Or, bend down and not have trouble getting up, or sneeze without wetting my pants.

I'm sure God has a reason for this deterioration. I'm not sure what it is but I AM sure MY deterioration is spiraling out of control!

Really, for an old broad I am really blessed. I can see (glasses help up close), I have my own teeth, my own hair, and I don't have any serious health problems. That is something to thank God for.

What do YOU have that you need to thank God for? Now would be a good time. If you can't think of anything else, thank him that you're not as old as I am!!!  :D

Thanking God, even though I'm deteriorating rapidly, Gloria


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