Monday, February 11, 2013

Memory: Choosing to Remember Or Forget

Remember I told you I bought a supplement that is supposed to help my memory? I've been taking it long enough to know if it is working. IT IS NOT!!!

God has a good memory though and He helps out His children with theirs. I was sitting in front of my computer about to begin some writing and He put in my mind the blog. THE BLOG, my mind screamed. You didn't post on the blog this morning! If He hadn't prompted me, I wonder when I would have remembered it. Next week? Next month? Who knows. With my memory, it could have be Next Year!!

I know getting older makes the mind a little fuzzy but my mind must be so full of cobwebs that my memory has gotten lodged in the webs and can't get out!

God does have a memory but sometimes He choses to forget. Have you considered how awesome it is that God doesn't remember our sins against us. It's not that we don't sin, it's just that God chooses to not hold them against us.

How many times do you think you sinned this past week? Can you name some?
Do you take lightly that God doesn't hold your sins against you?
Take time to confess your sins and thank God that He did not and will not remember your sins against you.

Thankful God chooses not to remember my sins against me, Gloria

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