Monday, January 21, 2013

Lazy? Procrastinator? Cold and Indifferent?

Geez, another week starting. I didn't get everything I planned to do finished up and now I have to add those things to my new list. At this rate, by April, my list may be 100 feet long!

Why do I not get everything finished that I wanted to? It could be several reasons. I'll make a list.

One, I'm lazy. Well, I'm not going to be considered the greatest "go-getter" in the universe but I don't really think I'm THAT lazy.

Two, I procrastinate. I can't deny this one. I had on my list to vacuum. I just keep adding it to the new list. Eventually, I'm sure it will get done.

Three, I don't really want to do it. If something seems difficult, it's easier to put it at the bottom of the list and find something that I won't have to exert so much energy in doing.

I noticed all these things can be connected to our spiritual life as well.

We can be lazy about getting up early enough or going to bed later so we can read our Bible and pray.

We plan on spending time with God but when we get up the day starts piling in on us. So much to do! We make ourselves a promise we will do it tomorrow.

We have become somewhat cold in our relationship to God and we really don't have a desire to spend time reading our Bible, praying, or spending time getting to know God.

It's so easy to let things hinder us from a relationship with God. Let's see that none of the things listed above (I'm sure you have others to add) keep us from spending time with the mighty God of the universe who loves spend time with US!!!

Not going to let anything or anyone stand between me and getting to know God better, Gloria

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