Monday, January 7, 2013

How To Act The Way We Should, Even in Frustrations.

Well, it's only 11:00. Just about four hours late on posting this blog. I have GOT to learn more about how to use this computer. I just know I posted something and had it scheduled for today but I've messed up my computer and can't even get to where I scheduled it! I did get to the blog and, of course, it isn't there!

Does life sometimes frustrate you? You want things to go right but, inevitably, they go wrong. It doesn't have to be big things, just things that make you have to go to "Plan B" or even scratch what you had planned. Guess what. LIFE IS FULL OF FRUSTRATIONS and will always be.

I think it is in the "little" things that we face and how we face them that really determines if we will have a victorious life. If we allow frustrations to anger us, make us upset to the point of ranting and raving we are being defeated by the devil.

When things don't work out like you planned or don't even work out at all, do you allow them to sour your attitude or ruin your day? Determine today that you will not allow anything the devil puts in your way to make you succumb to acting, thinking or talking in a way that shows you have been defeated. Be victorious today, and tomorrow, and tomorrow. WE CAN DO IT!!

God, I refuse to let the devil destroy my victorious life in Christ. I resist his dealing in the frustrations in my life and trying to make me act in a way unbecoming to God's child.  Amen

This is my prayer today, Gloria


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