Monday, December 3, 2012

Looks. . . Inside And Out

I'm sick so I just drug myself to the computer to post a word or two for you precious regulars.

Why do you have to look so horrible when you are sick. Your eyes have no life in them, your nose drips at times you wish it wouldn't (like when you're talking to someone else), your hair is a mess because you don't feel like fixing it. And the face, let's not even go there. With makeup my looks are not the best but without it, that is a scary thing!

I'm so glad God doesn't love me for how I look. If that were true, I'd be in a peck of trouble (does anyone under sixty even know what a peck is?)! I do know he wants me to be beautiful inside. But, that's not my job. I just yield to Holy Spirit and he "pretties" me up. Wish he would do the same on the outside!!

Thankful for a God who looks only at the inside, Gloria

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