Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Memory Pills

I bought some supplements at the pharmacy that are supposed to help my memory. They're not working! How do I know? I FORGOT TO POST ON THE BLOG YESTERDAY!

To those who are so gracious to take time to check out my blog, I apologize. Maybe if I take the pills a little longer I'll be less forgetful. I'm not holding my breath on this but it surely would be nice. And you wouldn't have to waste your time coming to read something that isn't there. I do appreciate your patience.

I appreciate God's patience, too. He has every right to smash me like I sometimes smash ants on my kitchen counter (sorry if that is too violent for you but it's what I do to ants).

I am really amazed at God's grace to me, aren't you? Why would He put up with us when we fall so short of what we should be? One word. LOVE.

I find it hard to comprehend such love but I surely do appreciate it! Maybe we should take a few minutes to thank Him for such love.

Thanking God and taking my memory pills, Gloria  

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