Monday, October 22, 2012

Road Trips That Are "Eventful"

I'm having trouble  getting my posts to pop up on my blog. To those of you who come by regularly, I apologize. I'll try and see what I can do to fix it. If you find the same thing there tomorrow, you will know the computer won. It seems to win most of the time!

You know how people say, "Our trip was uneventful." What they mean is they had no troubles and everything went smoothly. Well, our trip has been VERY eventful. I don't have tiime to tell you all the "events" that have happened on this trip. In fact, my writer friends who know about the "events" have said I need to write a book about my travels. I was a couple of hours chronalling(is that a word and is it spelled right?) all the things. Maybe there is a book in there!

I do know one thing for certain. God knew about all of this before it happened. Maybe he was wanting to see how I would handle difficulty. Well, so far, I've managed to praise him in the middle of the difficulty. HOWEVER I think I've about reached my limit!!!

I know some day I will laugh about all of this. Actually, I've already started laughing. Won't it be fun when I'm ninety (fast approaching, it seems) sitting around the fireplace, if we have fireplaces by then, and telling my great, great grandchildren about my adventures. The first thing they'll probably say is, "Nanny, what's a motorhome?"

Trying to handle the troubles in a godly way and storing up stories for the grandkids, Gloria   

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