Monday, October 1, 2012

On The Road Again . . . Reluctantly

I'm about to take a long trip. We're going back to see our family in Mississippi. While there, I will be having a book signing. We will also be stopping at World War II museums along the way for me to research about women of World War II. A publishing company has given me the green light to send them a manuscript and I'm trying to get as much research as I can before I start writing.

I don't like long trips. I could stay within 100 miles of home and be totally content (I added extra mileage because I want to visit friends for a day). My husband LOVES to travel. If we could afford to hit the road for six months at a time, he would be happy. Until now I never thought not having lots of money was a blessing!!  ;D

If we stopped at motels and ate out all the time, I might could adjust to the lifestyle. But, we have a motorhome. That means cooking and cleaning. Why would I want to have to do all that AND live in cramped quarters for weeks on end? No. I'll take my nice roomy home, thank you very much.

I know there are lots of interesting things out there to see and experience. I guess I just don't have the gumption to put all the effort into seeing and experiencing them.

It's kind of like that with my relationship to God. It may be easier to stay the same, not launching out and trying to know and experience God in a greater way. But, I would be missing so  many wonderful experiences!

How about you? Are you "stuck in a rut" in your relationship to God. Have you failed to put the effort into getting to know and experience Him in a greater way, to see what great adventure He may have planned for you if you are willing?

I may drag my feet when it comes to going out in the world to experience new things but I always love the experiences when I dare to launch out. Maybe we should do the same in our spiritual journey with the Lord. What do you think?

Launching out! Gloria

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