Monday, October 29, 2012

I went camping with friends for ten days. I loved the fellowship but the weather was  not what I would have chosen . . . TOO HOT!!!

I love cold weather. Weather that makes you bundle up from its piercing chill. Weather that makes your breath look like a smoking volcano (didn't want to say cigarette so this was all I could think of) as it comes out of your mouth.

My friends, however, love the heat. On the trip, they could be found basking out in the sun like lizards. Me? I was seeking shade and any hint of breeze that might cool me off. Talk about opposites!!

God surely did make a variety of us, didn't He? We also come with a variety of likes and dislikes. How can people who are so different get along? The Bible has the key. It says we are to look out for the needs of others as much as our own. WOW! Wouldn't the world be a better place if that happened?

Are you living that out in your life or do you want everything the way YOU want it? Why not try doing it God's way. I think all of us would be better off if we did that!!

Trying to think of others wants and desires as much as my own, Gloria


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