Monday, September 17, 2012

Non-Sleeping Beauty (and I use the term Very loosely)

Well, here it is 2:44 in the morning. I’m sitting at my desk instead of sleeping. Dumb, huh.

They say that your sleep patterns change as you get older. You go to bed earlier and get up earlier. Well, I seem to be living out that truth. But, isn’t 2 in the morning a little extreme, even for old(er) people?

What can you do at 2 in the morning? It’s dark out so you can’t work in the yard. There are other people trying to sleep so you can’t do housework (like I would do that anyway!). You can’t watch television because it will wake up the sleeping beauty.

Hey, I never thought of it before. Maybe that’s why I’m losing any beauty I had. Only people who actually sleep are beautiful.

I know what I’ll do. I’ll read the Word and pray! I might actually learn something that will make me beautiful inside since the outside is hopeless.

Trying to work on some inward beauty, Gloria

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