Monday, September 3, 2012

Books Without An Author

Last Saturday I hurt my back and was lying in bed resting when a friend called. We chatted a bit (well, a little more than a bit) and I said, "I hope I feel like coming to church tomorrow." To which she replied, "You HAVE to come to church tomorrow. You have a book signing!"

How did I forget something so important?!!! I have no logical answer so I'll just chalk it up as bad brain wiring and let it go at that. Needless to say I DID go to church on Sunday and, with the help of a nice firm cushion, was able to sit and sign my books.

I don't know how I could forget something so important as being there to sign books but I do know how I can forget how to live a Christian life. It's really quite easy. I can quit reading my Bible, quit going to church, quit praying and communing with God, quit allowing the Holy Spirit to direct my actions: when I do those things it will be very, very easy to forget how I am to live as a believer.

Hoping I don't forget the important things, Gloria

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