Monday, October 19, 2009

The Wows

Along with my computer woes, I added more stress by getting new phones. Hey, they were free! Just had to pay the taxes. Of course, the taxes were 142.00. Just kidding!!

I decided to get touch phones. It looked really simple in the Verizon store. Just touch and it will do what you want. When I got it home, I found that "easy" was left at the store. Do you know how stupid you feel when you can't even figure what to do when a call comes into your phone? I do! At that point I wanted my old archaic phone back.

My problems are nothing compared to my hubby. Alongside him, I am a TECHNO GEEK. So, that gives you an idea of how much he knows about all this technological stuff. Of course, he blamed not being able to do it right on having such large hands so he always punches the wrong button. Whatever makes him happy and not feel so stupid! Me? I don't have huge hands so I'll just have to say I'm stupid.

So many things in life can make us feel worthless. So many others more beautiful, more talented, more creative, more money, more position, more power, more personality.

Do you want to know something? No? Well, I'm going to tell you anyway. Satan LOVES for you to feel that way. In fact, he's the one who puts such ideas into your head.

Satan doesn't want you to realize your position in God's kingdom (Of course, that position comes only to those who place their faith in Jesus, God's Son). He wants to keep you down, make you feel insignificant, worthless. DON"T LET HIM!

Anyone who has accepted Jesus as their Savior and Lord has become a part of the family of God. You didn't get there by what YOU did but what HE (Jesus) did. You can't work your way into the family. It comes only to those who humble themselves and surrender their lives to Jesus.

Once you do that, WOWS happens. Your sins are forgiven WOW! You become a child of God WOW! You have the power to overcome sin WOW! Your life takes on new meaning and purpose WOW! You have the promise of eternal life in heaven with God WOW!

Didn't I tell you the WOWS happened?

WOW! WOW! WOW!, Gloria

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