Wednesday, October 28, 2009


The winds have been blowing wildly here in the High Desert. Usually wind blows away smog, cleans up the air and clears up the sky. Not here! Much of the desert land is dirt. When the wind blows, the dirt joins in. Together they make the desert a brown haze, obstructing your vision and your breathing.

Wind can be good. It can also be bad. It can destroy. It can refresh.

Sometimes God allows winds of difficulty to blow through our lives. They can stir up our lives and make us think we can't find our way out. Yet, we must trust that His purpose is to make us stronger, like a tree whose roots are strengthened as it bends and sways in the wind.

Satan will brings wind into our lives. His desire is to see us topple. Such joy he gets when we turn our backs on God. He wins!

Wind is going to come into all our lives. God wants it to bring growth, maturity, a closer relationship to him. We make the decision of what the wind will do. Surrender to the hand of God brings peace and growth. Surrender to the lies of Satan that God is punishing us or doesn't love us anymore gives the devil the victory. The choice is ours.

If some wind blows in our lives today, let's make the right decision. Let's choose to trust God is doing a work in our lives and praise him. If we do this, we'll be blessed and God will be delighted!

Hoping the winds of difficulty in my life accomplish God's purpose, Gloria

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