Thursday, October 1, 2009

There's More Than One Kind of Courage

During the time I was feeling "puny" (for the younger, that means sick) I read the book, The Robe. Years ago, I saw the movie but never read the book. It was a great read. Of course, I had to stop and cry several times as I read how Jesus impacted lives while here on earth. I don't want to be like one of those who tells you what's going to happen in the movie so if you don't want to know this, close your eyes.

When the book ends with Marcellus and Diana, his beloved wife of only a few hours, walk out together to be killed by the evil Caligula, I was beside myself. I wept profusely. Such commitment to Jesus!

After I got through blubbering, I thought, Would I be willing to die for Jesus? Would I stand before a tribunal and declare I was a Christian, even when I knew it would mean death?
I hope I would have such courage!

There is a kind of dying courage and there is a kind of living courage. Each day we need courage to live before others and speak to others as ambassadors of our king, Jesus. That may be the greater courage. Death may be quick but living courage is day after day after day. I pray you and I have both!

Wanting to have living and dying courage, Gloria

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