Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Should Grace Overide Grumbling?

My husband did a no no the other day. He should be thankful that the statement "if looks could kill" bears out because I gave him a look that could have not only killed him but anyone within three feet of him!

My husband is a jokester. He loves to kid and I am often the tool by which he gets his greatest laughs. Now, if anyone takes offense at this, just know that I laugh as loudly as anyone else. After all, I supply lots of ammunition!! HOWEVER there are some things that are off limits, weight, looks, intelligence, things like that.

We were with a group of friends. I can't even remember what the conversation was about (does that surprise anybody who knows me?) It was something about what grandkids say about their grandparents. Well my DEAR AND FORTUNATE HE IS STILL ALIVE husband blurted out. "No, but they kid you about your beard." I think he meant those dark hairs under my nose but no matter. Either one will be found on my "Never in your life, if you value your life, should you say anything about this subject" list.

I think he immediately knew he was in trouble as he watched everyone laugh uproariously . . . every one except me,that is. That was when the "if looks could kill" stare stopped his laughter like a tap had been turned off. He knew he had overstepped his bounds.

What did I do? Scream at him when we got alone. Tell him to NEVER again use me as the brunt of ANY of his jokes? Not speak to him for a week?

None of the above.

Everyone makes mistakes. Everyone says things they shouldn't. None of us ((I do mean NONE) are immune to opening our mouths when it would have been better to keep them shut. What good would it have done to scream or not speak to him? I know his heart was innocent even if he had a little trouble with his mouth being that way.

Don't you think God would be better honored by my forgiving rather than causing "a stink"?

Do I think my husband will ever say that again? I doubt it. After all, sometimes a stare can convey much more than words!! :D

Hoping I can dispense grace instead of grumblings, Gloria

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