Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Questioning God Or Trusting God

I read a headline the other day, "Eighteen and counting." Eighteen what? Eighteen new ways to lose weight? Eighteen ways to eat the tasteless food you can have on the diet and enjoy it? Eighteen ways to exercise and lose fifteen pounds while sitting at your desk?

I was curious so I pushed the mouse. I found it was about a couple who have eighteen kids and are about to have another AND a grandchild. Can you imagine what their Christmas morning is like?

I complain sometimes about what I have to spend at the grocery store. I don't even want to know how much that poor woman has to fork out at the checkout stand!

Mom has her work cut out for her since she's taking care of the kids but how does dad provide for all those mouths mom is stuffing with PB&J sandwiches? Are they independently wealthy or does dad hold down four jobs? Even with all the television coverage, which I'm sure they're paid for, I doubt that could make them independently wealthy.

Why does one woman have eighteen children and another mourns to have a child to place in her arms. One would do fine for her. Just one. One child to love as her own, to cherish, to nurture, to teach the ways of God. WHY?

I wish I had an answer for that. I could maybe comfort thousands of women whose wombs are closed for some reason. I do know that God has the answer.

Maybe God will let that couple who may even be bitter that one woman has so many children and they have none know his purpose.

Maybe he will make them simply trust that he knows best, that he loves them and is not trying to be cruel to them but that his plan is best. I know that would difficult. But, many take that road and find peace.

What has God denied you that you've asked him for? Are you bitter? Do you sigh and say, "I guess God can do whatever he wants." Or do you, by faith, trust that he knows what is best and is going to give you peace and joy as you yield to his wisdom.

No one ever said following Christ was going to be easy. But, it is the better way no matter what he withholds from us or what he gives us to bear. Believe that!!

Trusting God knows what is best for me, even though I may question it at times, Gloria

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gayle said...

Leeanne and I have followed this family since they were "14 kids and pregnant again".
Dad used to be a state representative and they own several commercial properties that is rented.
They also buy used whenever possible, have NO debts whatsoever, built their own house...paying for it as they went.
They are all home-schooled. And the family has a very strong faith in the Lord.
Actually, quite a family.