Monday, October 12, 2009

Noises In My Head

It's 6:24. And, pitch black outside!

I hope to have my blog in by 6:00 because I know some of you dear readers come to visit from places like New York and Texas where you're up and about before us western state folks.

I've tried to sit at my computer and hack out five or six devotions at a time but it just doesn't seem to work for me. I usually pray during the night when I awake (I awake often so I get lots of praying in!) and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal something to me. I then get up and sit before my computer until he gives me an idea of what to write.

Well, I've prayed all during the night and zero! I don't know exactly where praying stopped and stressing started but I know it happened. I began to fret that I didn't have anything to say. Why wasn't God giving me something? What could I write about? What have I not covered in almost two years of writing this blog? I went over and over ideas. Done that. Done that. Done that. Then the stress mounted even higher!

Do you know something? Of course, you know something but do you know this? Fretting and worrying dries up creativity! We can't hear God as well when we fret or worry. Our minds are too crowded with all those negative thoughts. God has trouble quieting them so we can hear him speak!

I don't think worry and fretting only stop creative thinking. Anytime we fret and worry we push out God's voice as he tries to tell us everything is in his hands and under his control. He's saying it but we just aren't hearing it!

Do you worry and fret? Are you crowding your mind so that God can't be heard amongst the noises?

We've got to clear our minds. We can't allow the noises to deafen us to the voice of God. So, let's do some housecleaning this morning. Imagine yourself taking a broom and swooshing all the worry and fretting out of your brain. But, that's not enough! Now think of every scripture you know (if you don't know any, get a Bible and find some) that deals with worry. Write them down on slips of paper. Put them in your purse, on your bathroom mirror, in the book your reading each night. Just make them available to read all through the day. Let's fill our heads with faith, not fretting. I can almost guarantee your day will be much better if you do so!

Getting rid of the noises out of my head so I can hear God, Gloria

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