Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Life of "Clutter"

Well, I'm into my third week of cleaning my office. Looks like I might have another week before it is finished.

How can one person accumulate such clutter!! I think it has something to do with not putting things up on a consistent basis (brilliant deduction, don't you think?).

I usually print things and lay them aside until a convenient time to file them. Trouble is, there never is a convenient time! So, week after week, things accumulate until I have a stack that reaches the ceiling.

I'm not giving up. Someday soon this office is going to be spotless. Well, at least relatively neat. I just wonder how long it is going to take me to get it back in the condition it was when I started three weeks ago. It makes me ill just thinking about having to do this again!

Life can get filled with "clutter." Busy! Busy! Busy! It can be activities with our children, church events, or work responsibilities. Our days are cluttered with events that stress us and rob us of spending time with God. Then we wonder why we feel far from God and empty inside. We have left the thing we need most in our lives, a relationship with our Father!

Be careful that you don't add clutter to your life that robs you of spending time with God. Guard that time as if it meant your life. Actually, it does!

Hoping to not allow clutter to rob me of true life, Gloria

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