Thursday, October 22, 2009

I'm Young . . . Compared to God

I went to one of those sights that connect you to people who went to high school the same time you did. If I had know what I was going to find, I think I would have refrained!

I found a few people I remembered. Most I didn't have a clue. Of course, ever so often, my present day friends have to help me out with their names so it isn't surprising I don't names from ___years ago. Ha! did you really think I would tell you how long ago it was?!!

I went to check out what they looked like. SHOCK. THEY LOOKED OLD. REALLY OLD! It was most discouraging. I wondered if I looked like that. Okay, I know I do but seeing them just jerked me back into reality. I don't look like I'm forty? Okay, how about fifty?

Maybe they just had a really hard life and it showed on their faces. That might work if one or two looked that way. But, we're talkin' EVERY ONE of them!

If I could have found a few who looked fantastic, I might have been a bit encouraged. But, alas, that was not so. I guess I'll have to admit I don't love forty, not even fifty. But, on a good day, do you think someone just might think I'm fifty two? I can dream can't I?!!

Thankful I'm young to God, the Ancient of Days, Gloria


gayle said...

Too funny! I was at the radiologists office on Tuesday and this OLD man came in wearing a shirt that said "Paul McCartney". I thought that dude was waaay too old for that kinda shirt (figured he borrowed it from his teenage son)...then I did the math. OOPS!

Gloria McQueen Stockstill said...

Yep. Times gets past us so fast. Guess that should make us plan to live each day to the fullest!