Tuesday, October 20, 2009


It's about 6:30 and I'm sitting at my table watching the morning light hit my neighbors metal barn. Washed in the light of the morning sun actually makes the white barn sort of glow. It gives it a beauty that I hadn't noticed before. I mean, how many times do you look at a metal barn and say, "That's beautiful."?

As I watch, dark shadowy things appear clearly. The chairs on my porch. The Joshua, Maple and Aptos Redwoods standing tall and elegant. The lumbering Junipers. The sky turning a cobalt blue. All those things I didn't recognize. Some I could not even see are being brought to light by the rising of the sun and its illuminating my surrounding.

God does that when he comes into our lives. Things that were unclear before take focus. We discover that we had missed seeing so many things or saw them in a distorted way before his light flooded our lives. Everything becomes clearer. We know why we exist. We know the purpose of our lives. We know what the future holds. Such illumination!!

Thanking God for illuminating my life, Gloria

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