Friday, October 2, 2009

I Hope, I Hope, I Hope

I'm on my way to an all day writer's conference tomorrow. We were given the opportunity to send in a partial manuscript for a contest and a first page of something we are writing. The visiting editors will randomly select some of the first pages to read to the group and critique.

Every writer who has sent in a manuscript or first page has, no doubt, been hoping their manuscript will win the contest and the editor will choose their first page to read. Of course, they are hoping, should their first page be read, the editors will think it is a masterpiece!

While I hope, I don't have much hope. Does that make sense? Lots of gifted writers have sent in manuscripts. My chances are slim. BUT, I still hope! Maybe, just maybe, I'll win.

That kind of hope keeps you on pins and needles. That kind of hope is agonizing!

The word hope in the Bible is not that kind of hope. It means an assured confidence. I don't have to fret and wonder if I'm going to heaven. My hope is secure.

I don't have to fret and wonder if I've really been born again. My hope is secure.

My hope is in the promises of God and his Son. Those kind of promises are not I hope, I hope, I hope, cross your fingers kind of assurance. That hope is founded on the power and majesty of the creator of the world. That kind of hope negates any fretting or wondering. It's FACT!

Thankful my hope in God is based on fact not maybe, Gloria


Jillian Kent said...

Hey Gloria,
Hi there! I'm one of Kimberly's authors. Thought I'd make the rounds and link up to everyone on her list that I could.

Never give up HOPE, that's why I'm still writing. Hey, take a risk and come follow me and we'll keep in touch if ya wanna.:) Let me know how the conference turned out.
Dream Big!

Gloria McQueen Stockstill said...

Jill, thanks for dropping by. The conference was great . . . lots of good info. Didn't win the contest. Oh, well. Another day!

I dropped by your site. Sounds like you also had a great conference. I pray God will open doors for all of Kimberly's clients!!