Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fret Or Let God Fix

God is good! After a few tears of frustration and lots of prayer, my computer problem is solved. I fretted and fumed. Finally I prayed. Then I pushed some more buttons. It worked!

Do I know what I did? Absolutely not!! I really think the prayer part was what made the difference. God can guide your fingers to push the right buttons even when YOU may have no idea what you're doing!

Sometimes our spiritual lives can be like my computer experience. We have a problem and don't know how to fix it. We struggle, fret, and wonder how on earth we're going to solve the problem or fix the situation. Nothing we do seems to work. Ever been there? I have!

It is only when we stop trying to do it ourselves and ask God to help us with the situation that we find a solution. We suddenly know what buttons to push, figuratively speaking.

God wants to help, even with something like helping you fix your computer!:D It doesn't have to be just the "big" stuff in our life.

What do you need God to "fix" in your life today? Call out to him. He doesn't have the manual to fix your problems. He IS THE MANUAL.

Thankful for a God who can fix my life, Gloria

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