Monday, September 28, 2009

UFO's and Marriage God's Way

As my husband and I were on our way to get some breakfast (yes, I'm well enough to eat something besides soup) he asked, "Do you believe in UFO's (unidentified flying objects). I replied, "No, I don't." He then quipped back at me, "I do. Every time we get into a fight."

I didn't want to encourage his foolishness but I had to laugh. I laughed for two reasons. One, we seldom fight. Oh, there are a few times we have some "heated" discussions but, after you've been married as long as us, you usually just don't bother!

The second thing is, I NEVER throw things. Now, I can't say I haven't wanted to or that there were not times in years past I felt like clobbering him over the head with a frying pan. But, I've controlled myself. So has he!

Part of living the Christian life is not reacting in a fleshly way when we are faced with difficulties. Take it from my years of experience, a spouse can sometimes be a difficulty!!

It's inevitable that we are going to disagree with people. Throwing UFO's is not the answer. Screaming and yelling is not the answer. Allowing God's Spirit to control you at such times will help you resolve your issues in a much more "godly" way. And, it will save you money because you won't throw things that you'll have to replace. See how practical living the Christian life is!!

Glad God can keep us from UFO's, Gloria

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