Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Symptoms of Godliness

I just got out of bed and staggered to the computer. I'm barely able to open my eyes. My head is groggy. I get nauseated just looking around. I think I may fall asleep at the computer. What do my symptoms indicate?I have a hangover? No. I don't drink.

I took two allergy pills before I went to bed so I wouldn't claw all the skin off my body. They, not alcohol, are the culprit.

If I took pills to stop my itching, why didn't I just stop itching? How could they possibly have affected so many other parts of my body? Because they were taken by my blood and assimilated into ALL of me. Hence, all the varied symptoms.

Do you know that is what God wants to happen in our lives? The Holy Spirit resides within us. He wants to affect every area of our life. Unlike the involuntary result of my taking allergy pills which affected all of my body, the Holy Spirit allows us to determine how much he affects.

We choose if we want him to affect our tongue by saying only things that edify (build up) others. We choose to allow him to control our minds and the kind of thoughts we allow to roost there. We choose if we will allow him to control what we see.

I pray today each of us will allow the Holy Spirit to permeate all of us so that we are totally controlled by him. If we do, there will definitely be symptoms of godliness. Wouldn't that be awesome!

Hoping to have godly symptoms today, Gloria

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