Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sorry! Blogging Took A Back Seat To Family Outing

So sorry I didn't post this morning. No Internet service unless I go to the library. With grandkids here there just wasn't time. I am now sitting outside the library so I can post this. It will be my last until Monday.

It is wonderful being with the grandkids and, of course, their parents too!

We celebrated my husbands birthday yesterday. Unlike me, he doesn't mind the years being added EXCEPT for more aches and pains! I think the highlight of his day was the grandkids singing happy birthday to him. Isn't it ridiculous how gushy we can get about grandkids?

I wonder what heaven is going to be like. Will we love every one's children like we do our own children and grandchildren? Will we have mansions for each family? I know it is perfect there so, whatever the accommodations, I know I'll be happy.

I'll be back on schedule on Monday. I hope you are blessed to spend time with your family this weekend. I'm surely going to enjoy my family.

Having fun in the woods with the crew, Gloria

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