Friday, September 4, 2009


Life can surely be a roller coaster, can't it? One day you're soaring up there with eagles and the next day your in the barnyard with the turkeys. Is that just part of being a woman?

True, we women work on "emotional adrenalin" more than men. Good thing, too. If we were all like men, everyone would go around just grunting at one another now and again. Think of all the wonderful conversations we would miss!

Why do you think God started it all off by making Eve? He knew not only Adam but the whole world would benefit by this new addition. Men will just have to learn to live with our "up and down" emotional roller coaster. Like the hair product commercial says,"We're worth it."

Just the other morning I had not had a good nights sleep and the day was starting off on a bad note. My husband peeked his head into my office smiling. I soon turned that smile into fear. I told him. "I didn't get any rest last night so be forewarned. I am NOT in a very good mood." He quickly backed out of my office and gave me a wide swath all day. That, dear ladies, is a smart man!

What my husband did for me was called MERCY. He could have given me a lecture about how God expected me to rise above my feelings. He could have told me I was not acting like a Christian should. He could have walked away disgusted with such action. He did none of those. And, because of his mercy, he helped me handle my emotions. It made me love him more.

God does that. He delves out mercy to us every day. Days when we reject his leading. Days when we go against what we know is right. Days when we deliberately close our minds and hearts to doing his will. He is that kind of God! Aren't you glad he loves us enough to deal gently with us? That kind of love draws us to God. It makes us love him more. Like the song says, Our God is an awesome God!

Thankful for a merciful husband and a more merciful God, Gloria

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