Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Lessons Learned From a Tea Maker

I'm almost afraid to post this latest incident. I'm thinking you might try and contact my family and tell them I need professional help! Guess I'll chance it so here goes.

I was preparing dinner for my family. Everyone wanted tea. I had just bought a tea maker so I set it on the counter, put tea and water in and went about fixing the rest of the meal. I turned around and yelled. The tea was pouring down the side of the counter and spreading across the kitchen floor at a rapid pace. I had forgotten to put the pitcher under the spout to catch the tea!

I learned some things.
1. The pitcher needs to be connected to the tea maker. It helps eliminate messes!
2. It helps to get the tea into the container. An empty pitcher cannot produce refreshing tea.

Of course that made me think about being "connected" to God. Puddles of tea on the floor are nothing compared to a person who is trying to live their life apart from God. Talk about messes!

Staying connected to God also makes for a life that produces a daily refreshing. Each day can be enjoyed to the fullest. It's not free from trouble but there is an intangible quality about a life lived connected to God.

So, check it out. Have you pulled away from God? Is that intangible quality of life God desires for you winding up in a puddle on the floor instead? It's not too late. God is good at cleaning up messy lives and filling them with quality and meaning.

Glad God cleans up messy lives, Gloria

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