Monday, September 7, 2009

Jesus and Schat's

Normally I get up each morning, pray and ask the Holy Spirit to direct me in what he wants me to say and then I wait. Sometimes I wait quite a while. Other times, the thoughts pour out quickly. Occasionally ideas come to me in the night and I get up early and write them down. Too much delay and they are gone forever!

Today? Today, as some of you read this, I'll be cruising down the highway in our motor home. I'll probably have my feet propped up on the dash, a diet coke in one hand and a book in the other. Of course, it's important I stay alert so I can tell my husband how to drive. He tells everyone, "Gloria drives everywhere we go. I just get to hold the steering wheel." Imagine!

We plan on having brunch at a place called, Schat's. The owners are dutch and have been around for ages. I say that because we started going there when I was a very young mother. Believe me, that was so long ago I'm not sure the calendar had been invented!

People from around the world come there. You can hear various languages as you sit and devour their yummy delicacies. How did it get so popular? Mostly because of the quality of what they offer and word of mouth. Just like I'm telling you now, others tell their friends. Word spreads.

I wonder what would happen if we did the same about Jesus? You know, one tells another and another tells another. It's for sure we have a wonderful product. I mean, doesn't eternal life in heaven and an abundant life here and now sound like a good product to you?

By nature, I'm not a very outgoing person. I have to force myself to be "out there." I am especially uncomfortable around people I don't know. Still, I feel even people like me can share. Maybe I'll never be like my husband. He NEVER is without words in sharing his faith. I wish I was more like him. But, I do share in my way. I'm a tract lady. When I go through the drive-through at a fast food place I hand the person a tract and tell them I hope they'll read it. As I write this blog, I pray people will come across it and begin to consider their relationship to Jesus.
I also write stories that I hope will draw people to Jesus.

I want to be as bold about sharing Jesus as I am about sharing about Schat's. And, the benefit to those who hear about Jesus will be far greater than those who hear about Schat's!

Hoping to be bolder in sharing Jesus, Gloria

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