Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Is Simple Way Always Best?

My desk is about to devour me! Actually, it's the things on my desk. They have grown to gargantuan size AGAIN!

Didn't I just clean my desk off a couple of months ago? How did all this clutter happen? I'm sure there was some kind of clutter bug that infiltrated my office and created this mess. Surely it is not my fault!

I'm not sure if I can ever get my office in order again. It just seems overwhelming. Almost like I want to just quit and trash everything. That would seem the simple thing to do.

Sometimes the simple thing is not the best thing. What if I did trash all the stacks of material on my desk and later found I had thrown away some valuable research material that I needed for my writing. What I thought was the simple way would wind up costing me time and effort to reconstruct the lost material. Precious hours, maybe days would be wasted. And, I may never be able to completely retrieve what I lost.

The simple way is not always the best way in the Christian life, either. It sometimes seems the simple thing would be to give in to some sin. Why work so hard to curb the flesh? Why not just trash all this godly living stuff and go the seemingly easy route of giving in to our fleshly desires?

Because, we would find trashing godly living would wind up costing precious days, months, years that can NEVER be retrieved again. They're lost forever. And, there is no doubt we would regret it!

Hoping I don't choose the simple way when it is not the best way, Gloria

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