Thursday, September 3, 2009

A Gentle Breeze

Have you ever felt God was not there, that he had walked off and left you to fend for yourself? I was feeling that way yesterday as I spent time in Bible study and prayer. I wept before God asking him to reveal himself to me, to let me know he was there. Nothing.

Then something happened. From air that was almost stagnant because of its stillness, a soft breeze began to stir. It swept through my garden gate and gently touched my face. It was like the hand of God touching me and saying, "I'm here child. I've not left you."

I stopped crying. A peace filled my heart. God was there!

Now some skeptics will say it was just circumstantial that the wind came at that time. That it could not possibly have been God. Let them believe what they want. My heart tells me differently!

When your days are hectic and you can't seem to feel God's presence, don't fret. He is there. Keep calling out to him. Keep believing what you know as fact even when you can't "feel" anything. He said he would never leave us or forsake us. Who knows, he may send a gentle breeze to touch your face and let you sense his presence!

Thankful for such a wonderful God who reveals himself in a gentle breeze, Gloria

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