Friday, September 18, 2009

The Future Will Be Better Than The Past!

As I started to write this post, my younger brother (actually my only brother!) came online. We "talked" a bit so I'm a little late getting this posted.

I told you earlier that my brother and I went to live with an aunt and uncle after our mother died. I think most of you also know that my father shot and killed our mother. Since my brother was four years younger, he doesn't have any recollection of seeing it happen. I'm really glad for that. I wouldn't want that seared into his brain as it is mine.

After my father got out of prison (I think less than three years) my brother and I had to go back and live with my dad and his wife. We stayed one school year and both of us wanted to go back and live with our aunt and uncle. I can't believe I was brave enough to ask since boldness is not my strongest asset. Add to that fact that I was about 14 years old. Well, my dad was naturally upset. He let me go back but refused to let my brother, who was 10 years old then. From that time on, I seldom saw him.

I grieve over the fact that we did not have the joy of growing up in the same house. I grieve that our relationship as brother and sister was never what it should have been. I love him dearly but there are lots of lost years that can never be made up. Life is not always fair or easy, is it?

We talked about how things are going in this world and concluded that we are both thankful that our future is so much brighter. We'll both be spending eternity in heaven together. Maybe we can make up for all the lost years as we praise and worship the Lord together!

Thankful for a future with my brother and my God, Gloria

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