Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Days of Anguish, Day of Joy

I've been sick the last couple of days. It was almost like being pregnant again. I was sick to my stomach all day and all night, just like when I was pregnant. And, just like when I was pregnant, I thought to die would be a better fate!

You who are not, at the present time, pregnant, do you remember the sick days, the throwing up days? The days when you felt you could just lie down and roll where you wanted to go because your belly was so big? Do you remember throwing up your guts in the toilet, that is, if you got to the toilet in time. Do you remember how horrible you felt? It all came back to me the last few days.

I thought, "I went through all of that? How did I do it?"Funny how we forget all the anguish of pregnancy and the pain of childbirth when that little bundle of joy was slipped into our arms. All of the anguish we went through seemed worth it.

I think suffering and anguish to produce a life of godliness is sometimes like pregnancy. IT''S NOT EASY! However, once we are able to see a victory in our life, it seems to be worth all we went through to produce it!

Physical AND spiritual suffering are worth going through because of the reward, Gloria

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