Friday, August 28, 2009

Truths About God Learned From Dogs Ears

Sometimes I'll be sitting on my back porch with the neighbors dog sitting at my feet. He'll suddenly lift his head high as if he's expecting someone. Then he'll run out to the side of the yard and begin to howl. At first, I think it's strange but soon I hear a sound. It's faint at first, like a whistle in the wind. As it gets louder, I recognize it's a siren. I usually pray and ask God to meet the need of whomever they are rushing to help. I ask that God spare the person's life if they have never asked Jesus into their heart.

I thought about how the dog was able to hear the sound before I did. He was expectant and watching, listening intently. I pray my ears are like his when it comes to God. I want to be able to hear him when his voice is only a whisper, a whistle in the wind. I want to be able to hear him before he has to shout. I want to be alert, waiting expectantly to hear him.

Hoping my ears are attuned to God, Gloria


Marilyn Donahue said...

Gloria, I love this devotional and the idea of God speaking like a whisper -- a whistle in the wind! It really touched me. Your words describe so perfectly one of the many ways we can learn to listen.


Gloria McQueen Stockstill said...

Thank you, Marilyn. I pray I listen intenly to God. I don't want him to have to hit me up side the head before I will listen to his voice!